Erin Rajski

Hi! I’m Erin

Growing up my family took our summer vacations loading up the wood-paneled station wagon with the family, pets, and the beloved road trip snacks.   Does anyone relate? I loved traveling around the USA but was bit by the travel bug even harder after my first international trip to Aruba and Venezuela. I wanted to see more of the world, and I have! There is so much more to see still, and I’ll continue to add as many new destinations as I can. 

 I found myself in a new season of life and decided it was a good time to explore travel as a career. Let me fast forward past marriage, homeschooling two children (who have happily become two amazing young adults), and various jobs and careers here I am, owner of Majestic Blue Travel which I sometimes refer to as MBT for short.  

Prior to opening MBT, I worked as an associate in the travel industry to gain the foundations I would need to start my own company. Majestic Blue Travel was established in February 2018 as a professional, full-service concierge travel agency which means being committed to offering high-quality travel services from start to finish.

 So many people think of this industry as glamorous, fun, and exciting. It can be all of those things at times, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build any successful business. It’s my love for serving others, planning, organizing, researching, and education that made this a good fit for me. Things are constantly changing in this industry, and it’s good to have a trained travel advocate on your side. It’s my goal to personalize your vacation with value-packed experiences while creating lifelong memories. 

 I often end up becoming friends and sometimes travel buddies with some of my fabulous clients. Majestic Blue Travel will handle all the details to create a seamless trip so you can relax and go! 



As a travel agent, I am dedicated to providing my clients with the best possible travel experience. When you work with me, you will save time, money, and effort in several ways. I’ll provide you with personalized recommendations based on your interests and budget, ensuring that you get the most out of your trip. I will handle all aspects of your trip, from research and booking to managing any changes or issues, which will save you time and effort. You can have peace of mind knowing that I am available to support you and handle any issues that may arise. By working with me, you will enjoy a hassle-free and customized travel experience that is both cost-effective and efficient.

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